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The legends are lies: vampires can walk around in broad daylight! Another thing the legends lie about is that vampires can only turn one person every 500 years, on the day that the planets align (who knows why). You are such a vampire! And in other words, you have ONE DAY to find your soul mate that you'll spend the next 500 years with, or you shall be lonely for quite a while! In the modern day, this thing called "speed dating" is a thing, so maybe tonight's the night... or day, in this case.


Here are some tips on how to have a successful date night with Heart String!

  • Remember to be honest! Be yourself! If you have to lie to someone, chances are they aren't the right match for you.
  • If you know someone isn't a match, click the "Pass" button! Heart String doesn't put a limit on how many people you can date, just be yourself!
  • When you've found "the one," click the "Turn" button! But remember, as a vampire, you can only turn one person every 500 years!
  • As a vampire, you have two superpowers: Hypnotism and Mind Reading!
  • Click the "Hypnotize" button to impress your vampire presence upon someone! This will increase their initial affection, but they might get mad at you if you do it too much!
  • Click the "Read Mind" button to learn someone's opinion about a particular trait! Remember, if they conflict with your own traits, they might not be a match!
  • Good luck ;)


Nine Levitzki - Game Designer/Writer

Jamie Whitmarsh - Composer

Paul Shelley - Sound Designer

Dylan "Celtican" Cragle - Programmer/Animator

Valencia Coleman - Programmer

Chase Middleton - Pixel Artist


HeartString v1.1.zip 33 MB


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Its fun


This was so cute for a 2 day gamejam! I loved the art and the cute, quirky concept!


This was such a fun game, really enjoyed trying to find a date that matched. Great job everyone!


My score was 98600. Not sure if that's good, but I'll take it.


Feels kind of minimal as this kind of game goes. Not enough variation to really justify multiple playthroughs.


I agree! There was only so much we could do in the one weekend that we had to develop the game.

What kind of variation are you looking for? More dialogue choices and character art? More mechanics? We're considering adding a small update to the game, so I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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Neat dating game! I like the variety of character sprites! I also dig the score system and multiple variations of endings you can achieve! 

Some feedback: I did feel like the questions got a little repetitive too fast. Sometimes the same question would be included in the choices, it would have been nice if each question was always different.

I did run into a softlock: When time runs out, if you select "Turn" while your date is walking away, the game will be stuck on a black screen. (See 10:23 mark in the video)

Regardless, this is a neat game given the time constraints of the game jam! Great work on this!


Such a cute game! I love the fact that cats and books could be deal breakers. Amazing job!!

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This was a fun experience. I really like how you guys used the theme as one of the main features of the game. The art was amazing and varied from the different game screens to the characters in the game. The music was fantastic as well. I really like how the music at the start has a serious tone and then suddenly bursts into this upbeat tune. 
In terms of gameplay, having the players get multiple endings and high-score adds to the replayability of the game. All in all I had a good time playing the game.
Also, I have no idea how you guys made this game in like less than 3 days. Do you have some special days with more than 24 hours in them xD.


A vampire dating sim is a really fun take on the theme! Also, I need to just take a moment to be in awe. You all did an amazing job on this!


It's really a funny game! As a vampire to date some human is interesting!!


Fun little game! Both mechanically and thematically interesting, short and sweet. I'm glad I saw it on itch's global feed.


I love the idea of a vampire dating sim! This is a really cool concept. The intro text was really well done and had a super polished feel.


Hey good job! I was just scrolling through the most recent games and stumbled on this one. The game is really polished (aside from being able to spam the pass button and a bunch of text is displayed)! I wouldn't normally go for a dating sim but had a good bit of fun. The dialogue was quirky and the characters were designed well! I think the hypnosis mechanic was an interesting twist.